Sinus Infection Treatment and Causes

Chronic sinus issues don't have to control your life any longer!

Is sinus pain frequently making your daily life difficult? Sinus infections can make daily tasks like going to work or taking out the trash miserable. Symptoms such as congestion, headaches, nasal drip, and facial pain can take a huge toll on both your physical and mental health. The good news is that you don't have to accept your chronic sinus symptoms as a way of life any longer.

Frederick Breathe Free is here for you no matter if you suffer from one mild sinus infection per year or chronic sinus pain all year long.

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What Causes a Sinus Infection?

A sinus infection, or sinusitis, is an infection of the air-filled spaces in the face and head known as the sinus cavities. The sinus cavities are four air-filled spaces in the face that are located on both sides of the nose and above the eyes. They play a very important role in breathing, vocal tone, and keeping you healthy. To help you stay healthy, your sinus cavities produce mucus that filters the air to trap foreign substances like viruses, bacteria, and fungi. These substances are then drained out of the body so they can’t make you sick.

However, these substances can cause your body to react in a way that increases mucus production and inflammation of the nasal cavity lining (mucous membrane). When the lining becomes inflamed and swollen the mucus that traps and drains harmful substances can no longer drain. This results in the harmful substances staying in the sinus cavity, multiplying, and causing infection and symptoms. Certain conditions like a deviated septum, nasal polyps, and allergies can cause an increased frequency of sinus infections since these conditions make it more difficult for mucus to drain.

Sinus infections have the potential to become serious when left untreated. So, if you are suffering from any of the following symptoms you should schedule an appointment with Frederick Breathe Free today.

Sinus Infection Symptoms

  • Postnasal drip - The feeling of mucus running down the throat
  • Nasal discharge - Green or yellow mucus coming out of the nose
  • Congestion - When the nasal passages become swollen it may be difficult to breathe through the nose
  • Fatigue - Sinus symptoms can make it hard to sleep, leading to fatigue
  • Facial pain - Pain and pressure around the eyes, nose, jaw, teeth, and head
  • Inflammation - Sensitive swelling around the top of the nose and eyes
  • Other symptoms - coughing, fever, bad breath

Your sinus infections and symptoms will be unique to you because they can be impacted by things like allergies, viruses, and other medical conditions. This is one of the many reasons you should see an ENT professional when you are suffering from sinus symptoms. At Frederick Breathe Free our ENT professionals are well equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience to diagnose and treat any unique sinus symptoms you may be suffering from.

Sinus pain and pressure are miserable!

Your sinus symptoms can impact your health in more ways than one.

You don’t have to accept that your sinus symptoms are just another fact of life. At Frederick Breathe Free, we can help solve your chronic sinus issues. Take our quiz now to see how your sinus symptoms are impacting your life.

Sinus Infection Treatment

Sinus infections can be easily recognized by painful symptoms. While symptom management is an important part of any sinus infection treatment plan, it is important to make sure that your doctor treats the underlying causes of your chronic infections. At Frederick Breathe Free we will create a safe, effective, and unique treatment plant that will utilize one or a combination of the following:

Natural Home Remedies For Sinus Infections

If you suffer from mild or infrequent sinus infections, then you may be interested to find out more about home remedies. Home remedies can help you control symptoms while avoiding the side effects that medications may cause. Home remedies for sinus infections have one focus and that is to clear the nasal blockage so that mucus can flow freely once again. Once the blockage is cleared, the body can begin the self-healing process. Natural home remedies are good to include in your treatment plan but do not come without risk, so it is important to consult your doctor before using them. A few natural remedies include:

Staying Hydrated

Our bodies are mostly made up of water and because of this they work best when properly hydrated. Being even moderately dehydrated can impact the healing process. If you're suffering from sinus symptoms make sure to drink plenty of fluids even if your symptoms make it difficult.

Using Vapor or Steam to Break Up Blockages

Water is an excellent solvent and, in the form of steam or vapor, it can penetrate blockages to help clear out the sinus cavity. By taking several deep breaths in through the nose while in the shower, over a bowl of warm water, or over a humidifier can allow for the water vapor to begin breaking up blockages so that mucus can flow freely.

Using a Sinus Rinse or Neti Pot

Using a sinus rinse or Neti pot can be an effective treatment when treating a sinus infection at home. Usually, they will instruct you to use a saline solution to rinse out the sinuses. It is important to follow all manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you don't make your infection worse or cause injury.

Steam or vapor is a good natural remedy for sinus infections
Sinus medications can sometimes be helpful.

Sinus Medications

Sinus infection medications are a good choice when you need to control your symptoms or manage an infection. Medications can both control symptoms and reduce infection based on the type of sinus infection you have. Medications that may be in your treatment plan include:


Antibiotics are a very effective short-term solution when it comes to treating bacterial infections only. They will not directly reduce infections that are caused by viruses or fungi. Also, they are not recommended for chronic sinus infections. If you are suffering from chronic sinusitis you should seek a long-term solution.


Decongestants are used to reduce the swelling in the nasal passage so that mucus can flow freely again. They come in the form of pills, sprays, and liquids. They are a great short-term solution but are not recommended for long term use.


Like decongestants, corticosteroids are used to treat swelling in the nasal passage. However, some corticosteroids are safe to use for long-term symptom and infection control.

Most medications are just used for short-term treatment and are not recommended for long-term use. If you suffer from chronic sinus infections, then the following treatment options may be right for you.

Traditional Sinus Surgery

Sinus surgery is recommended for people who are suffering from chronic sinus issues due to a physical abnormality in the nose including:

  • Deviated Septum - When the cartilage in between the two nostrils falls to one side.
  • Closed Passages - These may be caused by bones or tissue.
  • Nasal Polyps - These are soft growths in the nose that block mucus from draining which leads to increased infection rates.

During sinus surgery, tissue and bone will be removed to open the sinuses. This involves cutting, bleeding, and a long recovery time. Traditional sinus surgery is a good choice for people who need it but you may be a candidate for a better solution.

Traditional sinus surgery is an option, but not always the best one

Balloon Sinuplasty: A minimally invasive long-term sinus solution

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that allows you to avoid the cutting of bone and tissue that occurs during traditional sinus surgery. This treatment has been around for over 15 years and has helped more than a half-million people get over their chronic sinus issues. It also has a success rate of 95% and because of this it is covered by most insurances.

The procedure is done in the office and takes about an hour. During the procedure, a small balloon is placed in the nasal passage and then inflated so that the sinuses can drain easily. After the procedure, you will experience almost immediate relief and a short recovery period of a day or two.

Frederick Breathe Free is here to provide you with long lasting sinus relief.

Our professionally trained ENTs at Frederick Breathe Free are here to guide you to better sinus health. We take the time to listen to you, evaluate your problems, and develop a plan that will get you feeling better in no time. Schedule today to get on the track of breathing free again.

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