April showers bring May flowers, and in Maryland, allergy season. The switch from winter to summer often presents a problem for allergy sufferers.< Frederick Breathe Free Sinus & Allergy Blog

Allergy Shots vs. Allergy Drops: Which one is right for me?


April showers bring May flowers, and in Maryland, allergy season. The sudden switch from chilly winters to warm summers often presents a problem for allergy sufferers, but not anymore. Find long-lasting relief at Frederick Breathe Free with our immunotherapy treatment. Immunotherapy is effective, safe, and proactive in helping you to spring forward in life.

What are Allergies?

The human body is efficient at protecting itself using its natural defense mechanism, the immune system. The immune system works to fight off any substance that may cause the body harm or infections. Sometimes, the immune system attacks harmless substances; these substances are allergens.

Common Allergens Include:

●    Pet Dander: flecks of skin that shed from animals

●    Dust Mites: microscopic organisms that are allergenic themselves, and can also leave behind skin that can trigger allergies

●    Pollen: small spores that are light enough to travel through the air

●    Mold: fungus that grows on organic material

●    Seasonal Allergies: Environmental factors bring allergens from surrounding areas.

Common Allergy Symptoms:

●    Congestion

●    Headaches

●    Itchy eyes

●    Runny nose

●    Difficulty breathing

●    Skin rash


Allergy sufferers often find themselves overwhelmed with unsuccessful attempts to mask the allergy symptoms and never find complete allergy relief. Long-term allergy relief is here:

Immunotherapy Provides Results:

Immunotherapy is a treatment plan customized specifically for you and your needs. The first step is completing in-depth allergy testing to determine which allergens trigger your immune system’s response. Once testing is complete, the results from your allergy test are paired with a look at your symptoms and family history to formulate a treatment solution catering to your exact needs. Immunotherapy treats the underlying cause of your allergies and provides symptom relief along with the potential elimination of your allergies.


Immunotherapy Includes:

●    Training the body’s immune system to no longer react to allergens

●    A substantial reduction of allergy symptoms

●    The potential for long-term allergy elimination

●    A treatment plan customized for your goals and needs.

Immunotherapy Options:

Your wants and needs will determine which type of immunotherapy is best for you. We understand that every patient has unique needs that must be addressed to achieve lasting results and that’s why we offer options.

Allergy Shots:

Allergy shots are a form of subcutaneous immunotherapy for allergies. The process starts with injecting a small amount of allergens beneath the skin to slowly retrain your immune system. Allergy shots provide a safe and effective way to achieve lasting allergy relief, but they may not be suitable for everyone.

Allergy Drops:

Allergy drops are a form of sublingual immunotherapy for allergies. Allergy drops are delivered through a different method and may achieve more effective results. Instead of injecting the treatment under the skin, drops of liquid are placed under the tongue on a daily schedule.


Both subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy treatment plans work to retrain the immune system to reduce or eliminate your allergy symptoms.


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Are Allergy drops for me?

Sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) is a safe and efficient method of immunotherapy for most patients. Allergy drops provide a simple delivery method creating less barriers to long-term patient success.


Reasons why allergy drops may be right for you:

●    You want faster symptom relief

●    You have a busy schedule

●    You don’t like getting shots

●    You are concerned about an allergic reaction to a shot

●    You can follow a daily treatment schedule at your convenience

●    You are over six years old

●    You want a safe, effective, affordable, and convenient allergy solution


Benefits of Allergy Drops


●    Reduced dependence on over-the-counter medications

●    Visit office a few times a year rather than a few times a month

●    Less Transportation Costs

Safe & Effective

●    Reduced risk of allergic reaction to treatment

●    A time-tested and highly effective solution

●    Faster symptom relief, often after just a few weeks

●     Potential side effects are mild manageable


●    You manage the treatment time and location

●    Self-administered treatment that is customized for you

●    Patient-centered treatment results in greater compliance and overall satisfaction

●    Fewer missed hours of work or school

●    Less time stuck in traffic or waiting in the office

●    More time for yourself

It’s Your Choice

Allergies don’t have to control your life! At Frederick Breathe Free we are determined to help you develop a unique treatment that works for your needs.


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